Case Management And Communication System

CMACS 365 is a simple and systematic referral portal for animal hospitals and veterinarians. CMACS 365 is cloud-based and secures storage with backup up to 10 years

My job as a veterinarian in a busy referral practice has provided a lot of experience with the challenges that can hinder the path of an optimal referral process.

It must be easy, fast and simple to refer a patient to the referral hospital. All information about the patient must be available in one place – searchable and shareable.
There must be a clear overview of the entire referral process and all the referred patients.

Emails, faxes, images on CDs, etc. is not the solution. There is a need for a modern, simple system that saves time, gives an overview and increased revenue.

Meet CMACS 365 – developed by Vets for Vets…

Lars Granly: DVM, Cert. SAD


Do you think optimizing and personalizing communication with the rDVM’s would boost referrals?

Why CMACS 365?

Case management system on all platforms

cmacs 365


All information, files and communications related to the referred patient are stored together

User friendly

Intuitive user interface on all platforms – PC/MAC/Tablet/Mobile. All you need is internet access


Collaborate with your referring colleagues – smarter, faster and better

Save time

The workflows are reduced and simplified

More referrals

Makes it easier and simpler to refer patients to your specific animal hospital


Simplifies workflows for teams of all sizes

We believe and support that the veterinarian should focus on animal welfare

We know people are moved by emotion and facts

We deliver that extra layer that the veterinarians love to have

That is why we work hard every day to make our solutions the best, easy-to-use available in the market

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Supercharge the referral process 
– get more referrals.

The system simplifies the time-consuming work in a referral process. All documents from a case; such as images, patient journals, laboratory results, emails etc. are collected in one place.

Each referring vet gets their own personal login page in the reference portal, with a full overview of all documents that belongs to the each referral case.

This means no more emails are overlooked in a busy, cluttered inbox.

The system ensures that the inquiries always reach the right person. Not only will CMACS 365 reduce the administration time, the program also facilitates an effective and organized cooperation between the referring veterinarian and the selected specialist.

CMACS 365 was developed based on the challenges, ideas and experiences, which we have learned from veterinarians with many years of experience in veterinary referral practice.

CMACS 365 is a simple and systematic referral portal for communication between referring vet and referral center.

  • The system provides a comprehensive overview of each patient’s referral status.
  • Optimizes cooperation, feedback and knowledge sharing
  • Referral process is associated with the logins in the system, securely connecting the referral specialist team, and the referring vet.
  • CMACS is cloud-based and has a secure storage of backup for 5 years